Night Video-Camera App For Tizen Mobiles

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Imagine you are on the top of a building in New York City overseeing Times Square, it’s 8 pm so it’s quite dark already. But you are in an iconic place so you want to capture it within a picture or a video.

You take your phone, unlock it and open the camera app. You go-ahead to take the picture, but what happens? The screen is completely dark, the beautiful city and people walking, that you are in awe of seeing, can’t be appreciated from the camera app of your phone.

There are two options to do after this happens: go home undefeated or find for a solution. If you are the type of people who don’t give up and won’t stop till achieving the perfect picture, the Night Video App is the one for you.

But what is Night Video? Is this the solution to all your problems of taking pictures and videos during the night. The Night Video app records video in low-light conditions thanks to the technology that is used in military surveillance. This means that the app won’t be a disappointment to users.

When using the Night Video app you will be able to record videos and take pictures in cases where the common camera app would hardly show any image. There is no need to use the flashlight which is good because in some places these devices are not allowed.

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The only thing to keep in mind is that the camera that comes with the app is not an infrared device, which means that it won’t be able to work in complete darkness. There needs to be at least a minimum amount of light for Night Vision to work correctly.

And this app really has some very amazing results. There is no comparison with a built-in camera of the phone with what the application Night Video does. There is no other recorder app that is able to work this way.

So whenever you are in front of a location at night and you want to take a picture of it to show your friends and family download the Night Mode App! This will be able to capture a moment at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances.

So if those characteristics are not enough to convince you that this is the perfect app, keep reading along with the full specs that Night Vision comes with:


  • Amplifier picker
  • Color saturation picker
  • Green amplification mode
  • Fast exposure
  • Front, rear camera
  • Led light
  • HD photo video mode
  • Focus refresh button
  • 8x zoom
  • Built-In library
  • Photo video slider
  • Photo video share
  • Photo editing directly from the gallery
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This app is paid for the price of 65 INR. If you think that this app can be beneficial for you then you can buy it from the store.

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