Ninja Assassin Combat Warrior-Action Game For Tizen Mobiles

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Ninja Assassin Combat Warrior is a 3D action game where you play as an angry ninja assassin. This game is playable for 20 levels and of course, expect a lot of violence in the game.

You need to collect all the stars in every level and go to the target. Targets are displayed on your compass. Fight with Mortal Warriors and proceed to the next level. Every warrior is equipped with unique abilities.

You have the option to fight with them with your kick, punch, slash or just leave the warrior and go ahead. You have a deadly Katana ( a kind of sword) and Bow-Arrow. Increase your skills and shoot a Magic Arrow which can pass through two enemies at once.

This game has all the elements which can compel you to finish the game. Climb the towers and castles, Jump in the rivers, Stealth mode, Swim, Magic Arrows, Realistic graphics, and great background music are the main features of the game. Going invisible is a delight in the game.

The game is really enjoyable.

Do you agree with me? Let me know.

App available on Tizen Store

Gameplay 3.5/5 Graphics 3/5 Controls
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