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GraviFire is a logic game available for download that blends the mechanics of development and gravity. You need to place all the items in the correct spots by controlling the character and the power of gravity. The Green Fire has been kidnapped by fiendish outsiders, who compel him to settle puzzles for tests. You need to finish all the assessments to restore the Green Fire back to his home. It would appear that you are in for some genuine conceptualizing! Gravity, development, lethal lasers… What else the outsiders have arranged?

Highlights, There is Gravity control. 50 psyche bowing levels are there to keep the gamers snared. Various mechanics are accessible to keep everything engaging. In conclusion, the Bright pixel illustrations are giving perfect visuals. The game created by Potato Company is delivered by Sometimes you. The gravifire logic game will be accessible for pre-reserving for $3.99. The game is anticipating a dispatch on 03/02/2021.

Gravifire logic game is available for download and digital pre-booking on Xbox one and Xbox series X/S. The logic game is also available on Steam.

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