Null Star Android Action Game with Video Gameplay

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If you like action games then you can also play this game called ‘Null Star‘ action game. The concept of the game is quite simple. You just have to kill the enemies coming your way.

You simply need to adjust the control by tapping up and down constantly. While playing the game you need to be real quick as to shoot the enemies or else you’ll be the one who gets killed.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is quite simple and easy to control and understand. You just need to tap up and down accordingly to save yourself from the shot and shoot the enemies that come in the way.

So it’s pretty simple. It’s an offline game for mobiles Your epic fight with the boss is some work to defeat it. The game is full of extreme action that you could ask for. The game does not have modes so you might get bored after playing for a while.

The Graphics

The graphics of the game is nicely done with retro pixel graphics and the sound effects are good too.

You will surely enjoy the game as you level up as you get to see different backgrounds of which graphics are amazing. Go ahead and play this game!

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Overall it’s a fun game with exciting adventures, new dangers and new treasures. Be a real hero and be unstoppable and destroy the enemies by making your own way.

You will surely enjoy every moment you spend while playing the game. The graphics are nice including the characters and backgrounds. The sound and effects are also amazing.

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