Oculus Quest 2 causing Skin Issues

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It isn’t long that the all-new ‘Oculus Quest 2’ came to the market. It is the next-gen VR that was launched to bring a change to the gaming world. But when the sale started for this product suddenly, some people started reporting skin irritation problems and rashes.

People reported that there was some problem with the foam used in the VR. This was tried to be solved by starting a replacement program. The company said that they have started working with the company’s research and development department people in order to understand where the problem had come.

In reply to many other consumers who suggested that the marks maybe because of the usual VR pressure. The company management and the people who get the marks replied that the marks were different from the usual marks. They are somewhat similar to skin rashes.     

Though not many people faced the problem. The amount of people is around 0.1% of those who all bought the product. But still due to the harm which the company’s face-value may face is making it much more important for the company to quickly get some way out.

The company CEO ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ himself addressed the people. He assured them that they would get some replacement for the product. As for the harm that the people had got on the skin, is being medicated by the company’s medical team.

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The company has taken over all the expenses of medication on them. Now what is left is to get to the roots of the problem, solve it and to provide the customers who faced a problem with some replacement or some benefit. 

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