Opera Mini Web Browser-Tizen Mobiles

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Opera Mini is a fast web browser for users who need speed browsing. According to the company it uses innovative techniques to compress the webpages so that they load much faster.

It not only saves your data and cost but also saves your time. You can rely on this web browser that your favorite websites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, etc. will load faster than ever. This is the ultimate web browser when it comes to browsing on slow connections.

This feature-rich web browser is perfect for you. Its main features are: Pinch-to-Zoom and smooth panning, Synchronization of your bookmarks between desktop and mobile, In-built support for Facebook and Twitter, You can also download and play games and free apps from Opera Mobile Store which is also built in the browser.

Opera Mini Web Browser is developed by Opera Limited. They first launched it browser on desktop and that went a great hit. As soon, the demand rose for a dedicated and internet friendly mobile browser, Opera launched its own version to fulfill users’ desire. 

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