OverclockeTD Tower Defence Game for Android iOS Mobiles

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Developed by Jonas Krucher, OverclockeTD is a strategy action tower defence mobile game. It as released on the 7th of June 2020. This mobile game, although not very popular compared to its contemporaries, is an extremely enjoyable tower defense game and capitalizes on the nostalgic feeling of the 80s retro gaming.

OverclockeTD is a tower defense based offline mobile game that features 4 different worlds with a total of 18 levels, keeping the audience engaged. 

Although it’s available on the App Store and the Play Store, it’s free and doesn’t really have any in-app purchases. It’s perhaps one of the best tower defense games for Android and iOS. The best part about it is that amongst all the tower defense games available on Android and iOS, this one is the highest rated.


With the help of towers available at your disposal, you have to strategically place them all over the field to ensure that you can stop the creeps from destroying your hearts.

Basically, OverclockeTD uses the concept of old arcade games where you have to place numerous types of towers each with their own range, power, and preferred target all over the layout, to shoot down the enemies and clear the level.

The game starts you off with a few coins at the beginning of every level. These coins are used to buy towers to place all over the field and more coins can be earned by destroying the enemies called ‘Creepers’. There are different types of towers, there are different types of creepers each having different traits, speed, health, and special powers.

The name for this game comes from the special ability in the game called “Overclock” that can be used by spending 5 coins every time you use it. Overclock is an ability that boosts the abilities of the towers that you’ve placed all over the field for a limited period of time. This powerup is especially useful during pinch moments.

As far as I have seen, this app doesn’t have any interruptions during the gameplay because of ads or anything of the sort. The User Interface is very easy to understand and really gives off the retro gaming vibe.

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Although the game doesn’t have much constant motion and is primarily placing objects in a strategic manner. It still manages to draw you into the game and make you feel excited about every floor.

This game has 4 different worlds each with several levels to clear. If you want to unlock them you have to earn stars by clearing each floor perfectly. The maximum stars you can earn at each level are 3 stars with 1 star being the minimum required to clear each level. This a very enjoyable experience for both iPhone and Android users. It is and one of the best mobile games to pass time with.

Graphics and Animation

This is probably my favorite aspect of this game, the whole game is very similar to the 8-bit retro classic games in terms of its looks and designs.

It has the same gameplay system along with very minimal extra effects and even has the retro soundtracks to boot, all of the above-mentioned points all packed in a nice bundle for free entertainment is an absolute bliss. 

This is specially made for retro game fanatics, who love the nostalgia that it brings along with it. It’s not so complicated or unique that casual players can’t get into it and also appreciate its beauty.

The animations for this game are very basic and nothing to write about. That is the same case with the graphics of the game. These kinds of games are more of an acquired taste and aren’t meant for everyone in terms of looks.

All in all, if you’re someone who can’t enjoy or play a game with low tier graphics, then perhaps this game isn’t your cup of tea. I would insist you give it a try as in regards to tower defense based games this one stands on the top for both Android and iOS.

In-App Purchases

OverclockeTD by definition is a free game for Android and iOS mobiles. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases and doesn’t interrupt your gaming session with any random ads. So you can just relax and focus on clearing each level as fast as you can. If you ask me just because of the above-mentioned reasons OverclockeTD is one of the best free android games out there.

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Pros and Cons

OverclockeTD might be a retro game and has its popularity due to the nostalgia that it brings to the table. It still has various good and bad points that I feel like need to be addressed.


  • The game is completely Ad-free and barely has any interruptions.
  • It’s a retro based game and that personally earned a lot of points in my book. I found it very enjoyable to play.
  • Controls are very easy to understand and the game layout is also very minimalistic.
  • One of the best tower defense game experiences for both iOS and Android users.


  • The game needs to have a better tutorial in place. The game barely explained what each creeper and tower did. Although they had an information option on the main menu explaining each. Every aspect, it would have been better if they had explained it in the tutorial.
  • Lack of levels, although it’s supposed to be a retro game and a very simple design. I was able to clear all the levels of the game in a bit over 3 hours. I hope they add more levels and worlds.


In conclusion, OverclockeTD is a well made and entertaining mobile game from Jonas Krucher. I am looking forward to newer updates and more games from the developer.

This game is very easy in terms of gameplay. The designs aren’t extremely good but they get by, hence making it enjoyable for people of all ages.

I highly recommend this game to people who are already into retro games or are interested in trying them out. This is the best game to get started with.

It’s best for people who are starting to find a strategy and tower defense based games interesting. You don’t even have to worry about anything, just give it a try. It’s a free mobile game anyways, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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