Pico Hero Action Game (Android iPhone)

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Do you like adventure games? Unquestionably, these games are fun to play. If you are an adventure seeker then you must play Pico Hero game on your mobile. Be the hero and rescue the animals and the village.

This game is developed by Cappy 1 Games is a German game developer in Berlin that creates top quality fun games for people. The is an action game for mobiles in a packed puzzle with the best pixel shooter. If you have what it takes to rescue them then do play it!

Flaunt your skills in adventure and training mode! Destroy the thieves with ease with your powerful weapons. The game has introduced a dog, a pig, a chicken, a sheep and a cow as Pico’s friends. Pico becomes the hero as he goes on adventures to bring his friends back safely.

The game has nice retro pixel graphics with good sound effects waiting for you. You can also create your own level cards with the level editor and share them with your friends. You can also get more level cards by importing them from your gallery or scanning them with your camera.

Moreover, level cards are also available on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and PICHERO.com .


The gameplay is quite easy to control. You just need to swipe in the correct direction and as the gun is automatic it kills the enemies when you face or go near them. The game starts when Pico’s friends are kidnapped by the invaders and Pico goes on a mission to rescue and bring them back.

More than 100 challenging level cards and as you go on the difficulty and number of enemies and obstacles increases. There you need to show your skills and cleverly shoot each and every enemy to rescue your friends. As you level up in the game you get to see and use crucial weapons and exciting items.

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As there are no buttons in order to control the character, it sometimes doesn’t go in the direction as you swipe and you may end up getting your character killed or shot. In the game you are needed to collect coins, plant trees and rescue your friends in need to get a full score on your missions.

As there are only two modes in the game; adventure mode: the one where you actually go and rescue your friends and training mode: the one where you can hone your skills to excel in the actual battle; you don’t have a variety of modes to play.

Although the game is quite easy and engaging enough to entertain you. The game gives you a chance to experience an exciting adventure game, in which you can dive in anytime and at any place. Along with that you also get to collect different weapons (mostly guns and grenades) to destroy the enemy and bring back your friends.

Each level has different backgrounds and weapons simultaneously with which difficulty also increases.

Graphics and Animation

The graphics of the game is nicely done with retro pixel graphics and sound effects are good too. You will surely enjoy the game as you level up as you get to see different backgrounds of which graphics are amazingly done. Go ahead and play this game!

In-App Purchases

There isn’t anything to buy or any kind of membership except for if you want to get rid of ads.

Usability of the Game

The app runs quite smoothly while using, to put it together in another way, users will experience great quality when they play and the user will not face any kind of technical problems. The app is easily accessible to anyone at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you check the app has a nice rating of about 4.4 stars and the app only requires 36 MB to download it.

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Pros and Cons 


  • Doesn’t ask for membership.
  • Very little ads.


  • As there are no buttons to control just a swipe is what is required to run the game the users can face difficulty in controlling the character to move in the right direction.
  • Auto shoot continuously misses or aims in the wrong way.
  • There aren’t many modes. An arcade mode should be modified in the game and the enemies should reappear after some time to increase the thrill.
  • There is a lot of space in the game itself and the targets aren’t seen easily so as to shoot them.
  • Is not multiplayer.


Overall it’s a fun game with exciting adventures, new dangers and new treasures. When these animals get in trouble, be a real hero and be unstoppable and destroy the enemies by making your own way with various kinds of guns.

You will surely enjoy every moment you spend while playing the game. The graphics are nicely done including the characters and backgrounds. The sound and effects are amazingly done. If the modifications are made as per the cons mentioned then this game would be a blast.

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