Pillar on IOS now!

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Pillar is an independent video game designed by Michael Hicks for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Described as a collection of mini games where each game represents a different type of personality found in people, each level in Pillar has different gameplay mechanics to examine various personality traits and themes. Reviewers noted the game’s exploration of themes such as love, religion, capitalism, aging and regret. Pillar is made up of several levels, each starring a different character with their own set of gameplay mechanics.

Examples include introverted characters who can only be around NPCs for so long before their energy drains, resulting in the player using stealth strategies. Extroverted characters are tasked with repairing and turning on light posts throughout the town, they can only complete these puzzles by interacting with other extroverts, responding to moves they’ve made.

The puzzle escape based game has been very interesting and popular amongst people. The best things about game is the art, the technique and the colors in the game. The colors make the game most fascinating and attractive. Not only children but adults too become a child seeing its vibrant and sweet color combinations used. Especially the pink colored crystals present around in the game. Since the game was on various platforms until now, the company has decided to launch the game on IOS platform as well. Here the apple users would get to enjoy the game as well. As of now, the decided date of the launch is 13th January, 2021.

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The game is available for pre-order on Apple store. Being a premium game the price of the game is $4.99 as of now. How likely are you to try the game and how interesting did you find the game, do tell us.

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