Pixel Smashy War Gun Craft Tizen Mobile Game

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Pixel Smashy War - Gun Craft Game Menu Screen

Pixel Smashy War - Gun Craft Game Level Screen

Pixel Smashy War game is a zombie hunter game. It is developed by HGames-Artworks s.r.o. and they’ve developed a lot of games for Tizen mobiles. I must say that their games are really interesting. This game is also one of their amazing games.

The game is one of the popular games on the Tizen mobile platform. The developers used innovative box game art which looks awesome. If you haven’t played this kind of games then you must try it. I’m sure you’ll love this game.

The game offers interesting aspects of the game such as Game Art, Zombie theme, Different weapons and much more.

The Game Pixel Smashy War Gun Craft

player on road with basebat

Now let’s dig into the game. The game starts with your character who has a base bat in hand to kill the zombies. As you progress into the level, zombies attack you. 

You’ll have to collect stars to unlock the next level but I noticed that the next level is not locked. You can play it without unlocking the previous level. 

The gameplay of this game is a bit challenging. When you start playing the game you’ll notice that there is no map for the level. It makes it difficult to play as you have to collect the stars to clear a level.

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Different levels have different scenes. You get more weapons on the go.

The graphics

zombie coming

zombie killed

The game art of this game is something that attracts your eyeballs. The box graphics look amazing in this game. When you kill a zombie, a huge set of rays come out of it and that looks so good.

The environment of the game is just complementing the gameplay of this game. This makes the game more fun-filled.

How To Download

If you are going to downloading this awesome game on the Tizen Store then you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. Just search for ‘Pixel Smashy War Gun Craft‘ in the search box and download from the link.


In the game, your real abilities help you a lot to complete the targets. The game has all the elements that an amazing game should have. 

If you are a gamer who loves challenges then this game won’t disappoint you. A zombie theme with a lot of action is surely going to thrill you.

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