Pokemon Trade Cards: Play to Pay

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A boy named ‘Caleb King’ was a ‘Pokemon’ fan since childhood. He had been collecting the special ‘Pokemon trade cards’ brought by the company in the past so as to create a hype amongst the fan. Caleb was one of the card collectors and had collected a lot of cards. During the times in past the cards were sold for a very less cost per pack. But still there were a lot of rare cards which were hard to get. The ones who found those were the luckiest ones. Caleb had been collecting the card since childhood and it costed him around $4000 to buy all the cards. He collected them all in the year 2016.

Now, in the year 2020 Caleb had to fulfil his dream to become an orthopedic surgeon. During these days of Covid-19 the rates of tuition fees of colleges have increased to so much that many students are unable to fulfil their dreams. In such times Caleb King decided to sell his collection of cards on various sites. To his surprise King got $80,000 for cards from his collection. This all money he will be using in fulfilling his dream.

King says that he still has the 1st edition of red cheeks Pikachu card which has been seen to be sold at $9000 and above. Also he claims to have seen collectors buying the cards at double the prices too. Caleb believes that he still has cards left worth $50,000 at least. Caleb is happy that the cards which were considered as waste of money by people and his parents will now help him fulfil his dream. 

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