PUB-G India Accepting Sign-up but..

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As before PUBG has started its sign up for PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO). So, from 1st January 2021 (today) has started accepting sign ups from ‘semi-professional e-sports players’. As seen in 2020, PMCO proved to be the largest and the most hit semi e-sports event. This year it will be the biggest, most popular event. On top the first event of the year’s battle royale gaming category. The PMCO 2021 will be available in 27 different regions and teams will have until January 24th to register their interest in taking part. The committee has decided to expand itself in other places too.

So there will be more people and obviously more people means more heat and more competition. The expansion would include countries and states like in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, LATAM and Southeast Asia. There are many regions where this sign up facility is accepted or else there were many regions which are not able to get sign up facility this year due to some cause or the other. The places where these sign up are accepted are: CIS, Europe WC, MENA WC, Africa, South Asia WC, LATAM WC, North America, Malaysia & Singapore, Southeast Asia WC, HMT, Wildcard, Turkey, Germany, UK, France, Saudi, Iraq, Egypt, UAE, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Brazil and Mexico.

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Also the prize pool is no less. The prize pool is what attracts the people most towards joining the e-sport tournaments. The prize pool is of $14,000,000. That’s a hugeeee amount. Isn’t it? What do you feel about the tournament, do tell us!!

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