PUBG Game Review Gameplay Features

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PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND, or better known as PUBG, a mobile game that almost everyone who plays games is aware of. PUBG mobile is an online battle royale game that was released in 2018 and has revolutionized the entire mobile gaming industry. The is one of the best action games on mobiles.

Developed by Tencent, a mobile game developing company from China. This game currently sits at the top as the best mobile game of all time. It is available for both iOS and Android for free. It is also available on other platforms like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox.

This game has seen a lot of success in the gaming world during the short time it’s been out for. It’s well-made battle royale games relevant in recent times. The company has also released a smaller version of PUBG mobile called the PUBG lite so that people with low-tier smartphones can also play.

The Gameplay

PUBG mobile is an online battle game which involves dropping 100 or so players on a huge island with the objective to kill each other and be the sole survivor on the island.

Featuring a huge selection of game modes and maps to choose from, this game is extremely fun to play right from the start. From zombies, to snipers only, to survival and many more options to choose from.

Since it’s an online game, obviously you can join a team or create a party and play with your friends online. The game even has a microphone available so you can talk to your teammates during the match. The maximum players in each team are 4 members.

In the classic mode, about 100 players are dropped from a plane with nothing but their clothes and a parachute, upon landing on the island. The players have to look around in different houses and places for equipment like armors, guns, weapons and vehicles all while trying to defend themselves from other players.

This game also has a feature where you can toggle between third-person view or first-person view so that players are comfortable playing how they like to.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Once all the players land on the island, there is a grace period of 5 minutes after that a slow but constant reduction of the playing field because of a restricted zone.

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Players have to move around various locations to find and hide from opponents, in order to be the last surviving player. The winner gets the award ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner‘. A quote that’s become very popular amongst the youth in recent times.

There are barely any glitches with the game, the game allows the player to do creative gestures and dances with the help of emotes, making the game very engaging.

PUBG lite is pretty much the same as PUBG mobile however the only change is that PUBG mobile lite has fewer game modes, and maps to choose from.
PUBG also has a feature called PUBG account that enables you to save all your progress and then transfer enable you to transfer your data to a different mobile or tablet. All in all PUBG mobile is a very well made game and I hope you give it a try and see if you like it.

Graphics and Animation

The best thing about PUBG is that, although it has many maps and game modes, and can be very relaxing to run on your mobile phone for extended periods of time, the game has an option to adjust game graphics to either enhance or reduce the quality of the graphics.

The game looks really good, so many maps are available to play in and each of them has extreme details. This makes the game so much more fun and enjoyable. From the animation of the characters to the designs for the vehicles, everything was well made and thought of.

Being able to toggle between good graphics or better battery life is a very nice feature, and I feel like this game is very accommodating of every type of phone.

In-App Purchases

The major reason why Tencent is such a successful mobile game developing company is because of its clever and interesting schemes for in-app purchases to earn revenue from the game while keeping the game free to download from the App Store and Play Store.

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PUBG does have in-app purchases but they hardly matter for or hinder the player from actually playing the game, perhaps the most popular in-app purchase l would be to buy skins to personalize your character.

All I can say is that, yes this game has in-app purchases but that doesn’t really cause a gap between players who purchase them and those who just play the game. Hence nothing to worry about here.

Pros and Cons

PUBG mobile may be the best available android and iOS game and although it doesn’t have many problems, it’s worth mentioning them for the sake of this article.


  • The graphics are adjustable.
  • The game is well made.
  • The concept of the game is very creative.
  • The in-app purchases don’t create any kind of gap with those who buy and those who don’t.
  • A variety of events and modes to play from.
  • Even provides a smaller version of the game, Pubg lite, so that everyone can enjoy.


  • PUBG has a lot of lag problems, due to the size and number of players.
  • PUBG lite is not very well kept. It isn’t getting updates as often to improve the
  • gameplay.


PUBG mobile, is probably one of the most revolutionary games of the decade, has had a lot of improvement over these two years and is constantly trying to be better. The Gameplay is phenomenal and perfect to spend countless hours on, the daily reward system makes it even more worthwhile to login daily.

It’s a game that provides you with so many options and is an absolute blast for people who want an actual gaming experience using just their phones.
Thus what I’m trying to say is that PUBG is an action-packed multiplayer online game available for both Android and iOS, and is truly something to experience. I’m looking forward to this new update and hope you give this game a try and see if you like it.

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