Roller Coaster Simulator Space-Adventure Game For Tizen Mobiles

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Roller Coaster Simulator Space is a 3D adventure game for Tizen mobiles. The game is developed by Timuz Solutions Pvt Ltd. They have developed more than 25 games on Tizen Store. Their portfolio on the store is really impressive.

This game is a roller coaster simulator which runs in the space. You can choose different roller coasters and select a level from 25 levels available. I came across this game and decided to review it. Its theme is Space Adventure and that is something fancy to play

The Game

The game, Roller Coaster Simulator Space, is an adventure game which takes you deep into Space. You can choose any roller coaster from 5 different roller coasters that developers have designed for your ultimate ride experience

First roller coaster is free to try but you can buy other ones with Points. These points can be earned after every level completed. This game is very well designed and developed. Its game engine works great. The game physics never lets you lose your excitement throughout the game.

When you start the game it asks you to choose a roller coaster and then a level which you like to play. After you board for the ride on the roller coaster, it takes you for an exciting ride which goes takes some curves and steeps. 

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At some points on the way, you have to slow it down to let other vehicles pass from a crossing track. There are two controls to control your ride. One is to Turn the roller coaster and the other one is for Acceleration

Just keep in mind, slow down the roller coaster when the stop point comes near and stop it before colliding with it. Collision is very sensitive as a little touch can crash the ride.

Game Graphics

The game art is just superb. The 3D graphics are mind-blowing. They are just top on the list which is expected from a brilliant game. The sounds and music track are equally great.

Menu screens and the animations used in this game just compliment other assets of this game. I really enjoyed it while playing. This is the game which can make you to complete all the levels. 

Right now, it has 20 levels to play. They get unlocked after a level is completed. There are 5 more levels which are labeled as Coming Soon. But I don’t know when the developers are going to update it.

How To Download

This amazing app can be downloaded on the Tizen Store but you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. Just search for ‘Roller Coaster Simulator Space‘ in the search box and download from the link.

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Quick Features

  • 5 well designed Roller Coasters
  • 20 levels to raise your excitement
  • Awesome 3D graphics
  • Great physics engine
  • Completely free game


Overall the game is fun to play. Its thrilling gameplay lets you enjoy all the levels. Its top-notch graphics immerse you into it. I highly recommend this game to all of my users. 

What do you think of this game? Do you like it or its just me who enjoyed it? Your comments are always welcome.


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