Rumble Hockey-Sports Mobile Game

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Want some action in your life? Well, if yes, then Rumble Hockey is here at your tap to download it as well as to grab your attention. This game is a sports game and developed by Frogmind, a game studio located in Helsinki, Finland.

This game was released recently and is gaining popularity amazingly. Come up with a strategy to make goals and show off your skills to your opponents. This newly released game is also based on a multiplayer system that matches you with your opponents within 5 seconds as soon as you tap to play.

Hockey is a game that is enjoyed by many by watching only but this virtual hockey version you yourself can play, strategize and enjoy it too. This game is also called as the sibling of the game ‘Rumble stars‘, the developers started working on this game as soon as the ‘Rumble stars’ was released.

This game can be quite fun when you play it and is loaded with in-app purchases to amuse you. As a new player to the game, you are likely to get tutorials to understand the game initially, which is also easy to understand. You can win the game by using different combinations of animals to outwit your opponents.

And at the same time strategizing and enjoying it. All of the characters of the game possess unique abilities for you to use them in the tournament. Be the world champion by going through different leagues and defeating your opponents in real-time.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is quite easy to understand and play. Just make 3 goals before your opponent does within a given time. The gameplay becomes interesting due to these factors. However, if and only if there would be a button to control the balance when you release your player in the battle will really help.

The various characters of the game are a goalie, a striker, a passer, a defender and some others on your and as well as on your opponent’s side. The only player that is available each on both sides is a goalie that defends itself and remains on its own also that doesn’t use any energy.

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You just need to choose the right character to make a goal and who would also stand against the opponent. You can also join or create a club and chat, or work together to rise in ranks including you can also challenge your club members to play a battle with you.

At each level, as you continue to succeed in the game you can unlock different battle leagues that you play on. It’s like a different battle with every 3 divisions to play. You also get to find new rumbles at different levels each with different abilities.

You can also upgrade those to win battles with more ease. Additionally, you also get to play new special events every week and win rewards. Also in order to play games without any problems, you can always make sure that your internet connection is good.

So don’t wait or hesitate to download and play this game, make achievements and rise on the leaderboard.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases have interesting items to buy. From the daily items section, you can upgrade your players according to the cards you have collected and other cards too that you get to unlock at different levels in exchange for gems.

You can also purchase gems in case you fall short of gems or whatever may be the reason, from a fistful of gems, a pile of gems to mountains of gems. Buy gold in exchange for gems. Also, there are different kinds of chests to buy that open immediately for you to play.


The app runs without any glitches and technical problems, having a good WiFi or internet connection is necessary for the app to run. It is easily accessible and available at the play store and app store.

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500K+ people have downloaded this game and are rated for all ages to play. Also, it has received 4.4 stars plus 111 MB is required to download the app. The app is rated for all ages to enjoy it.

Graphics and Animation

The graphics are done beautifully. Plus that the characters are created with an expression that only a rumbler can have. You will surely enjoy the game as you level up as you get to see different backgrounds of different leagues of which graphics are done amazingly.

Pros and Cons


  • Fun competitive game with casual gameplay.
  • Multiplayer: play tournaments with strangers and friends. Create your own clubs and rise up on the leadership board.
  • No forced ads, you can always watch an ad to skip chest time.
  • Can be fun and addictive.


  • Has some balancing issues. It would have been better if there was an option for manual control.
  • When you release more players in the battle, sometimes it doesn’t make any sense that how you ended up making a goal.
  • It has an option to play to win. That is quite something not fair to other players who try to win without paying money.


Overall you will likely find the game a great time killer while on the other hand, you will have fun making strategies and improving your skills simultaneously.

The gameplay of the game is smooth. It also doesn’t require much time to pair you with an opponent. It is a fun game and its features would amaze you when you play it.

The trailer of the game, you can get an idea as to what all you can expect from the game along with its amazing features.

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