School of Driving-Game For Tizen Mobiles

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School of Driving game is very interesting to play because of the diversity it has while still being very realistic. It has different driving modes, so there is variety depending on what you are feeling like playing.

Drift Mode might be my favorite mode to play on because it’s the most freeing. In this one, you can drive as fast as you want and drift. These are the things that normally you can’t do in real life.

For people that like completing levels and increasing the difficulty of games, Checkpoint Mode is the one for them. As the name suggests the goal is to complete checkpoints, which means collecting marks in a certain time limit. The faster you complete one you get more points.

There is Career Mode, that follows the same rules as in real life. The goal is to obey all the rules like stopping at red lights, not crashing, etc. This mode is perfect when I need a much calmer game in comparison to the other more extremes modes.

In all of these modes, you get points depending on how well you perform. With those points, you can buy and collect the 7 different car types. Customize your cars with different colors and different rims available.

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The best part is there are a lot of levels to play, for example in Career Mode there are up to 60 levels!. Also, one of the things that make the gameplay so fun is that it has 4 control options: tilting the device, steering left or steering right and using the arrow keys. So this game is compatible to however you feel more comfortable.

Finally, there are different camera angles including Interior View which will make the gameplay more realistic.

Overall it’s a very good game that I thoughtfully enjoyed. Because of all the options of games it provides and how realistic it can get if the user desires.

Moreover that, its a free game so that won’t hurt your pocket.

Gameplay 4/5 Graphics 3.5/5 Controls 4/5

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