ScoopWhoop News and Entertainment App for Tizen Mobiles

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ScoopWhoop is an entertaining app. It is developed by ScoopWhoopMediaPvtLtd. ScoopWhoop is an app that acts like a media which provides news and stories revolving around in India.

It is an India specific app. It will keep you updated with all the affairs and facts in an entertaining way. This app is full of amazing information. To know more about this app read the full article.

The App Interface

ScoopWhoop is an app that contains entertaining news and information. With this app you will keep on updated with all the trending entertaining news and affairs in India. There are many options available for you to explore. You can go through trending, videos, stories, quizzes and memes. In the trending section, everything whether it is video, memes, story or quiz will be shown.

So if you generally want to go through the tending news feeds, this is the right place for you. In the video section, all the fresh and hot videos are available which will definitely entertain you. There are soo many videos of popular persons loved by many people. In the stories section, you will find many interesting facts and news revolving in India.

They give full information about the stories and affairs which will really amaze you. In the memes section, all the popular memes are available. These memes are soo funny and relatable that you forget all your boredom and get involved in it for a long time. In the quiz section, there are very interesting and different types of quizzes. You will love to solve these quizzes. All these sections keep you entertaining whenever you feel lonely or bored. In this busy and boring life you can take a break to relax your mood with this app. Within minutes you will know what’s trending in India.

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More Interesting Stories for You

From funny to mouth opening facts, all you can get in one click. There are also many other apps to entertain you but sometimes we don’t know what we want to see due to stress and anxiety. But here in this app, you don’t need to think, you just open this app and I bet you won’t regret it. This is a full package of funny and enjoyable facts and other stuff. Along with entertainment this app also started sharing and solving news related to social concerns. This is a very good platform where youth gets what it wants i.e. fun and reality of our society.

Watching these social concerns they also get to know and think to go in the right direction. In today’s time we get soo involved in our work that we don’t get time to know what’s going on around us. Through this app they instantly get updated with all the hot topics and affairs which they need to know.


Overall, ScoopWhoop is an app that everyone should have on their phone for multiple purposes. This app is full of entertaining videos, funny memes, real facts, stories and engaging quizzes. There are many other channels also: ScoopWhoop Hindi, OK Tested, unscripted and vegabomb. Download this app and get entertained whenever you open it.

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