Skull Girls RPG Best Fighting Game on Android

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Skull Girls Game Start Fighting

Skullgirls: fighting RPG is the best mobile fighting game on android which is a mobile adaptation of its popular console version called SkullGirls 2nd Encore.

Developed by Hidden Variable Studios, Skullgirls: fighting RPG has probably become the best available fighting game on both Android and Apple, equipped with stunning hand-drawn graphics, a compelling storyline and many other exciting features.

The controls for Skullgirls: fighting RPG have been custom made for mobile gaming and offer an auto-battle feature for people who are new to fighting games in general.

Available on both the App Store and the Play Store for free, this game which was released in 2017 already has over a million downloads and has been received extremely positively by its fan base.


Skullgirls Big Band best mobile fighting game on Android

Skullgirls: fighting RPG follows the exact same main story as its console version, and the mobile version also has every character available in SkullGirls 2nd Encore but that’s not all, as Skullgirls: fighting RPG also provides its players with origin stories for all the characters available in the game.

The controls for this game have been nothing short of amazing, as they are absolutely perfect for mobile gaming. This game is a 2D fighting game and does not have a D-pad to move the characters, instead, it has more basic controls.

The above-mentioned controls are just the basic controls. For advanced players, there are more complicated combos and techniques to fight with. Along with those controls, this game also has special abilities for every character that will be displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen during fights and can be used in a fight. However, these special attacks have a cool-down period after each use.

Not only does this game have comfortable controls, but also has the feature of creating a custom fighting style, that’s specially made for you and this can be done by upgrading the specific skills of your characters. It makes the game one of the best mobile fighting game on Android.

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Interesting Gameplay Skullgirls Best Mobile Fighting Game on Android

Skullgirls: fighting RPG also has introduced an online multiplayer feature that enables players around the world to compete with each other and various online modes such as

  • The Versus Mode: This allows players to fight other players in real-time online.
  • The Prize Fights: In this mode players online compete with each other to unlock new characters.
  • Daily Events: This mode is updated on a daily basis with new rewards and exciting character-specific events.

These modes along with many more to come have made this game perhaps the best fighting game available in the mobile gaming industry and by a large margin.

Each character belongs to a specific element and in total there are 5 elements, each strong against a certain element while being weak to another element. This adds a strategic layer to the gameplay and players have to be careful which fighter to use in what situation.

For those who are new to fighting games and want to first get used to your characters, Skullgirls: fighting RPG also offers a training mode. In this mode, you can practice your character’s combos and get used to the controls.

Graphics and Animation

Skull Girls Characters best mobile fighting game on Android

Hidden Variable Studios has done an absolutely magnificent job with the graphics and fluidity of the animation, when playing this game, one can’t help but be amazed by its detailed and beautiful graphics.

Everything in the game is carefully hand-drawn frame by frame to provide the gamers perhaps the most polished animation and graphics on mobile.

Each and every character is unique in not just its design but also its abilities and its combos. That keeps the game interesting and refreshing.

With the new update, this game plans on releasing never before seen characters only for the mobile version, and that has many of its fans extremely excited.

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The characters are well made. The fluidity of animation is out of this world. This game’s graphics are extremely colorful and beautiful like the different maps and arenas have a very aesthetic appeal to them and make this just absolutely fun to play.

In-App Purchases

Skullgirls best mobile fighting game on Android

Yes, this game does offer in-app purchases and usually, it’s for different packs that contain unique characters or items.

Pros and Cons


  • Absolutely stunning graphics and the animation is extremely fluid.
  • A compelling main story and very interesting side stories to keep the players entertained for hours.
  • Hidden Variable Studios promises even more modes and characters to be released.
  • All in all this game provides a complete experience in terms of fighting games.


  • With the latest update of Skullgirls: fighting RPG the online battles are constantly freezing up and lagging. The fighter cards aren’t loading and thus making the game very difficult to play for some.


In conclusion, Skullgirls: fighting RPG is probably the best fighting game for Android and iOS. This game not only has online modes but also has offline modes, meaning one doesn’t really internet to play this game.

This is also a Skullgirls game available on mobile, and since this franchise already has a following on its console version, many people appreciated it.

This game is worth the time spent on it and shows a lot of promise. It is the best free fighting game on mobile for a long time to come.

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