Skull-The Hero Slayer Action Indie Game on Steam

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Guide ‘Skul’ on his journey to without any assistance take on the Imperial Army and salvage his King from bondage, in an activity-pressed rebel light 2D platformer for the ages. This action indie game on steam has a long list of features.

Skull The Hero Slayer Action Indie Game on Steam

The Demon King’s Castle in Ruins

Mankind assaulting the Demon King’s stronghold is the same old thing and has happened on many occasions previously. What makes this time unique however, is that the Adventurers chose to unite with the Imperial Army and the ‘Hero of Caerleon’ to lead a full attack in order to wipe out the Demons unequivocally.

They assaulted the Demon fortification with overpowering numbers and prevailing in its absolute annihilation. The entirety of the evil presences in the manor was taken prisoner aside from one solitary skeleton named ‘Skul’.

Side-Scrolling Platformer Action Indie Game on Steam

‘Skul: The Hero Slayer’ is an activity platformer game that flaunts rebel like highlights, for example, everchanging and testing maps. It will cause you to remain alert, as you won’t ever realize what’s in store.

Huge loads of skulls, huge loads of playable characters

Skul is no normal skeleton. Notwithstanding his imposing battling abilities, he can acquire new and energizing capacities relying upon which skull he’s wearing. Utilize something like 2 skulls all at once, every one of which has its own novel assault reach, speed and force. Pick combos that coordinate your playing style and switch them in the warmth of fight to push your foes to the brink of collapse. The force is in your grasp!

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The Adventurers

Skul hosts ran into a get-together of Adventurers! They are amazing adversaries that chase Demons for sport. While Skul might be little, he actually packs a serious punch. So keep a watch out who truly is the tracker and who is the hunted….

Supervisors Corrupted by Dark Quartz

Toward the finish of each part, clash with huge supervisors tainted with Dark Quartz and ground-breaking to excess. Gotten from the torment and disdain of life itself, Dark Quartz corrupts and assumes responsibility for all that it contacts.

This action indie game on steam is available to download for the gamers.

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