Smash Legends- 3D Multiplayer game

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A new action game called the Smash Legends is being released for IOS and Android devices by the line games. The 3D multiplayer game is suppose to have a soft launch later this year. It would have a PC release also as an early access title. The game will be rolled out to the gamers over time as a beta before having a full release. It will have a cross play feature IOS, Android and PC.

The game will have the players engaged in 3-minutes fights were they have to knock their opponents out outside the arena ring. The game is translated well and with intuitive controls, it will get adjusted well between PC and Android. The gamers not well aware of the arena battle genre won’t face troubles, it will be programmed such.

There will be many game modes to choose from, a few being being one-on-one duel, 3 VS 3 capture point and even an eight player battle royale. The options will have gamers lean onto their style of playing. Smash Legends had a community Group test way back in May. The soft launch seems to repeat that feedback with improved game play.

There are no details available. Whether the game will be a free one, which would it be launched in, if it would be a closed test or open to all. But not to worry! We would surely keep all your anxious gamers updated with anything latest.

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