Stealth Master Ninja Killer Game Review

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Stealth Master Ninja Killer is an action-filled mobile game that was developed by SayGames, with help of weapons like guns and Katanas sneak into enemy territory and take down enemies as fast as possible.

The game is very enjoyable because of how quickly and stealthily you have to defeat enemies by hiding behind walls, avoiding being caught on surveillance cameras and alerting enemies.

The Stealth Master Ninja Killer game as previously mentioned was developed by SayGames and was released for both, The Play Store and The App Store. This action stealth game has over 5 million downloads and has been steadily increasing in popularity.

Let’s look and take a closer look at this game.

The Gameplay of Stealth Master Ninja Killer

The objective of Stealth Master Ninja Killer is quite simple, using different obstacles placed on each floor, get closer to your opponents without alerting anyone. The game is really enjoyable and definitely worth playing.

When you open the game, the first thing you go through the tutorial which is short and simple, all it does is teach you how to move your character. After the tutorial, you enter the first level of the game, where you need to go through different floors in order to reach the final floor of the level.

While trying to go up, you have to defeat different enemies that are on patrol and after each floor of the level is cleared, you are given three options to choose from. These options usually contain a weapon, bandages and money, you can only choose one from these options. One interesting thing about taking a weapon is that the next time you get three options, you can upgrade this newly picked up weapon.

The next thing we’ll look at is the difficulty of floors and the variety of things to do in the game. The game adds more things to do in each level as you keep progressing, like finding keys to proceed further and similar minor objectives.

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Once you tap on the screen a small analog pops up which allows you to move your character.

Another interesting feature of the gameplay was that you can buy new characters that have different base weapons from the shop using money earned by clearing floors, the game also offers different power-ups in the game like becoming invisible when the player is not moving. These little aspects of the game kept players engaged in it.

Graphics And Animation

The game “Stealth Master Ninja Killer” is a top-down view based game, and has a pretty decent quality of movement in the game. The graphics of the game are nothing too special but they aren’t so bad making the game unplayable.

The fluidity of characters is rather clunky. Certain effects that offer detailed aspects like glass breaking when something hits it intentionally or unintentionally is pretty nice. It’s very clear that the developers of SayGames have put a lot of effort into this game. The weapons are probably one of the coolest features of the game. A Katana or a similar Sword weapon is a base for most characters. The feel when you strike opponents is very nice.

The variety of Characters and additional weapons you can pick up during different levels more than compensates for the not so good graphics. The boss of each floor also provides a decent fight and keeps you engaged in the game. The characters along with each floor, are well detailed and colorful.

In-App Purchases

The game Stealth Master doesn’t have any in-app purchases but it compensates by putting ads in the game, almost after every floor. These ads are unskippable and are frankly one too many which constantly interrupts the flow of the game.

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Pros And Cons

Let’s note down the good and the bad points of Stealth Master that we have discussed over the course of this review.


  • The game has Katana’s as its base weapons
  • The Game’s tempo is fast, and hence allows the players to play go through more levels
  • There is a big selection of players offered by the game, which can be obtained at a high price. That allows players to grind for a while
  • Brightly colored characters and layouts
  • Different bosses for each round and each of them has a different weapon too.


  • Way too many Ads, this was a major turn off because the only way to avoid them was to go offline and then play.
  • The graphics were a little clunky
  • The game soon became repetitive and boring, hopefully, the developers add more things to do in newer updates

Summary of Stealth Master Ninja Killer

In conclusion, the Stealth Master is still a new game and has a huge room for improvement. Hopefully, in the newer updates, they will reduce the number of ads and fix other problems in the game.

Although this game needs some work, it’s still a fun experience and has a lot of awesome things that shouldn’t go unnoticed. This game is definitely good for passing time and relaxing, equipped with stunning animation along with a compelling concept, giving the players a very satisfying experience from the visuals and the gameplay as well.

The game overall is an absolute blast to play if you’re bored. It’s well made and is absolutely free for both android and iOS platforms. That is making it one of the best casual action games and has a lot of ninja-like feel to it.

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