Stick Cricket Live 2020-A Fantastic Online Multiplayer Game

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Stick Sports is a mobile game development company that develops games from offices in London and Sydney. The very first version of Stick Cricket was originally created by Cann Creative, a company that is based in Sydney, Australia.

Stick Cricket further developed to give users online game experience when Cann Creative later collaborated with Advergamer, a company from London, England. That is when Stick Cricket was launched by both the companies in the year 2006.  Stick Sports has given us some quite fantastic games to explore with time.

That is to say that with time we got the better version of the game itself and varieties of sport app games too. Many of us have spent our childhood playing Stick Cricket for hours without even realizing how we used to delve ourselves into the game with our passion to win. And now has brought us the newer and updated version of Stick Cricket, Stick Cricket live 2020.

We can now enjoy playing cricket live and that too in 3D! We can create our own character and customize it whenever. You can play in real-time with an authentic multiplayer system in stunning 3D stadiums around the world. It also allows you to play with your friends who are on Facebook.

As you continue to play and win simultaneously you can unlock different stadiums with a cheerful audience.

The Gameplay of the Game

The gameplay couldn’t be any simpler. It is just to simply aim and hit every ball for six. Left and right buttons are given to hit or strike the bat in the direction of the ball. As a multiplayer game,you always are playing in opposition that can be either your friend on Facebook or a stranger from anywhere around the world.

Not to mention internet connection is required every time you play. For the ones who are new to the game, timing can be tricky for some to hit the ball at the correct time. But then there’s a meter that calculates your timing when and how well you hit the ball that can be either early or late so anyone can learn to hit at the correct time. To your notice one of the most astounding features of the game is that you bat at the same time as your opponent, in real-time.

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More Features

Additionally, you also get to choose a bowler for your opponent, similarly so does your opponent get to choose a bowler. Bowlers are categorized into four; slow, medium, fast and finger spin. You can earn trophies to unlock various stadiums from Galle to Mumbai and more upcoming soon. As customization is an option you get to choose your look plus your uniform.

Moreover, as soon as you bat you can see exactly in which direction you and your opponent have hit the ball. The emoji chat box makes the game interactive and interesting as it gives the opportunity to you and your opponents for sledging. The game also gives the players 360° view and that too in 3D.

With progression in your game, you earn kit bats which can allow you to unlock new bats, kits, bowlers and stadiums. The more matches you win the more you get the money to spend. The crucial stadiums in the game are, The Ovals, Lord’s and the SCG. There’s one in New York too and the terminal one in Mumbai.

Usability of the Game

The app runs quite smoothly while using, to put it together in another way. Users will experience great quality when they play and the user will not face any kind of technical problems unless they have a good internet connection.

The app is easily accessible to anyone at the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. The app only requires 70 MB to download. The game is for all ages and ratings for this app are quite excellent and is gaining popularity at its own pace.

In-App Purchases

If you have collected enough gems then you can always buy one of the three cards or how many you want that changes every day. Or you can also buy kit bags that come in three kinds; player Kit Bags or Pro Extra Kit Bags or an Elite Extra Kit Bag.

Then if in case you fall short of coins that you require in order to enter the game then you can always go and buy some in exchange for gems or you can go for another option that will earn you coins is by watching an ad.

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Let’s say that somehow you spent all your gems and you want to upgrade your kit or anything but you don’t have enough gems then there’s always an option for you to buy them.

Graphics and Animation

The graphics and animation of the game are incredible. The stunning 3D life is much more amazing than ever. The characters are and backgrounds are done beautifully. From their outfits to different country stadiums and the cheerful audience gives the real feel to the player.

Pros and Cons


  1. 3D live game that gives real feels.
  2. Different stadiums that would engage the players in the game.
  3. Online multiplayer game


  1. Matchmaking is not as fair as you level up.
  2. Loses your progress if disconnected from internet.
  3. You need many coins to upgrade the players that eventually lead you to spend money to compete against the best players.


Overall Stick Cricket live 2020 is much likely to entertain anyone who plays it. It’s a fun game that will surely engage players due to its amazing 3D stadiums and brilliant graphics and effects.

This version of Stick Cricket is gaining popularity due to its multiplayer system. The gameplay is also easy to understand and control once you get perfect at hitting the ball at the right time.  You also get tips to improve your skill from time to time.

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Game Price: Free

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