Stick Cricket Premier League-Game For Tizen Mobile

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Stick Cricket Premier League is a game that you’ll surely love. It’s developed by Stick Sports Ltd. They have developed some more games based on their unique graphics type.

The game is about a famous cricket league in India. There are 16 teams in the game. You can join any team and you add the players as per your choice. You are the captain and a Star player.

Basically, you are the Manager of your cricket team and you are solely responsible for the success of your team. The gameplay of this game is superbly designed. You can keep playing it for hours. Its very addictive.

A star player is a player whose skills are above all other players. You can select more star players and create your team. Every time your team wins you get some rewards. At the end of a tournament, you get more money to create your next team. Your team has a one tournament contract with you. After that, you have to sign them again for the next tournament.

You can choose your players from around the world. There are more than 50 Star players to sign. If you need then you can also have a contract with a coach who will not only improve your player’s skills but also helps you get smaller targets.

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You can also customize your player’s dress, skin tone, beard and more. Two stadiums are available to play. The game is really entertaining for the users.

Its gameplay is very intuitive and easy to play. Just hit the ball with a good timing and see the ball going over the fence for maximum.

If you like cricket games, it must be on your mobile.


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