Subway Hamster Run-Tizen Game

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Subway Hamster Run is an endless runner game. The game lets you run until you get exhausted. There is no end to the game so just play as long as you can.

In the game, your player is a tiny hamster who becomes into a large hamster and things around looks small. Before you get into the game, you get into the tutorial. Tutorials always help you play the game.

The game is just like the hit iPhone game Subway Surfer. But in this game, the player runs on roads not railway tracks. You run endless, change the lanes, jump the obstacles, collect coins and cookies. Use Coins to buy items like skateboard, rocket pack, magic carpet and more.

The shop has countless items to buy. The game is paid. The game is enjoyable but I doubt how many will buy this game. Instead, if the developers made this game to free then the more downloads could be added to their stats.

Anyways, if you like this game then nobody can stop you from buying the game. Go ahead, download, Run and break your own record.

Gameplay 4/5 Graphics 4/5 Controls
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