Super Kids Racing-Tizen Mobile Game

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Super Kids Racing game is developed by Yash Future Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The developer company has more than 6 apps and games on the Tizen Store and which are also worth checking.

This game is more focused on kids rather than young players. That’s really nice that someone is making games for kids on the Tizen platform. Its graphics, sounds and gameplay are specially designed for the kids in mind. If you like this type of games than it is must be on your Tizen mobile. 

This racing game has everything to be an awesome game. 

The Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is something that may be liked by the kids very much. the game starts with a menu where you find cars and tracks. You are really going to love cars as they have lots of cars to play. They’ve put the cars in different packs like Sports Cars, Racing Cars, City Cars and more.

You can also set the Laps you wish to play. You can set them from 1 to 100 laps and that is interesting to know that who’d like to play those 100 (time-consuming) laps. If you’ve played those 100 laps ever in this game then share your experience in the comment section below.

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I played this game for a while and figured out that there are some bugs like sometimes I was able to go through the sides of the fence. Once my car got flipped on the back but there was no way to put my car back on track. I had to restart the level. One more thing, even I finished the level on Rank 1, the game showed me the GAME OVER box and didn’t allow me to go to the next level.

These types of glitches are making the gamer quit and uninstall such games. 

The Game Graphics

The game art is the thing that is more satisfying. Keeping in mind that this game is developed for the kids, Graphics, environment and sounds are very much in line. They are just beautiful.

The developer has done a very good job to make lots of cars for kids. They’ll just love the different types of cars. Though the graphics are not of high quality but overall, you’ll enjoy the game.

How To Download

If you are going to downloading this awesome game on the Tizen Store then you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. Just search for ‘Super Kids Racing‘ in the search box and download it from the link.

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The game, Super Kids Racing, is designed and developed especially for kids but that doesn’t mean that not anyone else can play it. The gameplay of this game is great but that has some issues that can be removed. If that happens then you can say that this game is awesome.

Lots of cars are the x-factor for this game. Most of us are really going to enjoy it. If you’ve played this game then do share your experience.

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