Teams banned for cheating in Twitch

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Even though Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Warzone is over, it became a victim of controversy on January 21. During the penultimate round, METZY_B, kryptic_j0ker, and Unifyz were disqualified.

The allegation came in after some players noticed the Trio taking extremely sharp aim towards the end of the fourth round of action. After many game analysts also noticed the same about the trio, an investigation was called upon the game. Putting a pause on the event thereafter.

100 Thieves’ Tommey shared various clips of the Trio using auto-aim to lock-on enemy players. His video went viral on social media and soon other professional players also joined Tommey. Action was taken soon and the trio were kicked off from the event. Twitch moved forward with the event the same day. Even though there was a team less in the lobby, the competition was started with the fifth map.

After being disqualified from the tournament, one of the members of the Trio, METZY_B joined Tommey’s Discord call. He showed his PC, the programs he’s been using in an attempt to clear his name. Tommey, after investigating the situation, conceded that METZY_B was clean.

While METZY wasn’t reinstated to the tournament, many critics deleted their tweets after Tommey apologized. Tommey also clarified that he played no part in reporting METZY to the admins or forcing his removal. He also said that the player is “more than welcome to take his earnings” from the event.

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