Temple Run 2-Tizen Mobile Game

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Temple Run 2, the continuation of it’s an older version,  was introduced by the developers of Imangi studios in 2013. This version is just as entertaining and addictive as the older version. Although there aren’t any major changes or differences between the two games.

There are changes like better graphics, different characters with different plus unique abilities, fresh obstacles that are likely to be noticed. This game is pure delight. Its gameplay is smooth and you l will feel like playing it again and again. Its an endless runner game with stunning graphics. The game controls are the same as its previous game.


Its gameplay is easy and simple to understand play as the tutorials are always given to you and once you pass tutorials mode it automatically goes. Though from the previous game Temple Run 2 has some new obstacles, zip-lines, fire throwers and more.

You can also now change the location of the game with different map options. Get more jumping, turning and slides with this new version. Also, this version has greater visuals. Nothing more to say. Just download this game, run and run through the jungle so that the giant monkey doesn’t catch you.

Usability of the Game

Mostly the app runs quite smoothly but rarely you may find some technical issues. Additionally, the app has gained popularity with time and become a classic runner game on all the platforms.

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The app only requires 82 MB to download it. As the app has gained popularity with time it has 500M+ downloads as of now. The app has also been selected as ‘Editor’s Choice’ on every platform, which means the app is best in innovation, creativity and design.

It means that the app is highly recommended for the users. The app is easily available at all the major platforms and is rated for 7+ ages.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases include buying different characters, upgrading them, or playing on different locations/maps by buying them in exchange for gems.

You can also buy your character outfits, hats, power-ups and abilities in exchange for coins. By collecting enough coins you can upgrade abilities and at the same time break your own score and level up. You also have options to buy gems that you can utilize for many things in the game.

Graphics and Animation

The graphics of the game are amazingly done including it’s sound effects. You actually get the real feel whenever you play, especially when you trip or the gorilla comes and comes after you in the game gives thrills.

Pros and Cons:


  • Fun game and has new interesting features and it’s worth downloading the game.
  • Has new amazing locations to play on.
  • You can also play the game offline.
  • Has exciting daily challenges and weekly challenges that will engage you.
  • It’s a never-ending game to make a high score as high as possible.
  • The graphics are brilliant.
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  • I don’t see any cons in this game as it works fine every time you play.


All in all, Temple Run 2 is a classy game with well made improved features. The new background that gives replenishing charm to an existing franchise that was already entreating to begin with.

The game has received many positive responses from people all around the world and that means that the app successfully turned out to be great. The best part is, it’s free for as well and you can enjoy playing it whenever.

If you’re into the runner mobile game genre and are already addicted to playing  Temple Run, then you must play part 2 that will only make things better.


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