Tennis Clash-Best Sports Game for Android Mobiles

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tennis clash mobile game home screen

Tennis Clash, an online multiplayer mobile game, was developed by Wildlife Studios. It’s a 1v1 online tennis game that features stunning gameplay, graphics and a huge variety of other interesting options.

Currently, with over 10 million downloads on the android version of the app, this game is bound to reach amazing heights in the near future. Tennis Clash is available in the Play Store and the App Store for Android and Apple respectively.

Let’s look into the game at a more micro level to understand it better.

The Gameplay

tennis clash mobile game player shot

First off is the gameplay of Tennis Clash, this tennis game is so remarkably well made in its controls and rules, that it genuinely feels rewarding to win a match.

The tutorial of the game is very detailed. It doesn’t proceed further unless you’ve truly understood how to play the game. To move your player, you have to tap where exactly on the court you want him to move. Once you are in the correct spot then to hit the ball you have to swipe in the direction in which you want to hit it.

Moving on to how to win in the game, each match follows a point system. In order to win a match, you have to reach 5 points before your opponent. To unlock different tours and obtain more coins you have to earn a certain amount of trophies by defeating other players. After each victory, you get a bag that can be unlocked and these bags contain equipment, coins, gems, etc.

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All the equipment in the game is upgradeable. The stats of your player will also go up if it’s equipped with good equipment. Tennis Clash also has a store from which you buy certain equipment, but the items are specifically for that day. The game also features a lot of different events, so of which are daily events and thus making the game even more engaging.

You can even make friends and play with them directly, and thus this game truly offers the complete online experience. The game also has a news corner to keep the players updated regarding the game.

Offering over 8 different tours that are accessible after earning the required number of trophies. So the game is lengthy and engaging so that the players aren’t bored very quickly.

Graphics and Animation

tennis clash mobile game winner screen

The graphics for Tennis Clash are definitely some of the best in comparison to other mobile tennis games; Wildlife Studios definitely did a spectacular job on both the looks and the animation of the game.

Equipped with stunning visuals, the extremely well-made tennis courts and characters. This game is very appealing in terms of looks and adds on to an already well-designed game. The animation of the game isn’t bad either, the effects used for when the ball is makes each hit feel very realistic.

Be it the courts for different tours or the equipment of the characters or the actual gameplay itself, everything was pretty much spot on and leaves very little room for complaints.

Pros And Cons

I have been sprouting nothing but praise for this game, so let’s compare its good and bad aspects to obtain a clearer image as to where this game stands.

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  1. Tennis Clash is equipped with stunning visuals and the feel of the game is spot on.
  2. Tennis Clash also offers a lot to do online, like adding friends and playing 1v1 with them.
  3. The controls are very skill and precision-based, so the players actually feel satisfied after a win.
  4. The game also features a lot of additional features like special events, different tours, various equipment to keep the audience engaged.


  1. One of the notable problems in the game was the fact that the gameplay was a portrait and not landscape, which limited how well one could swipe and hit the ball.


In conclusion, Tennis Clash is an extremely well-made game and can easily give its competition a run for their money. It’s definitely one of the best tennis games available for Android and iOS.

Wildlife Studios has really outdone themselves in making a highly addictive and enjoyable game.

Although it’ll take a little time for you to get used to the controls as they can be a little challenging. Once you get used to it, you will end up spending hours on this game without even realizing it. Tennis Clash is definitely one of those games that one has to experience.


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