Top 3 Adventure Games On Android In October 2019

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Jungle Adventures 3 – Android Adventure Game

Price: Free

Download Here

Jungle Adventure 3 game is full of entertainment and fun. The game is filled with cute graphics and animations. The character’s name is Addu who is fighting with some monsters who have kidnapped his girlfriend. He runs through the jungle to defeat the enemies and clear all the obstacles. 
On the way, he collects fruits which give him more power-ups. The game is really simple but it’ll surely catch your eyeballs as its gameplay is quite impressive. 

3 Best Android Games In September 2019

Tank Stars is an amazing game developed by PlayeGendary. The game is available both on Android and iOS mobiles. The developers have put a lot of efforts in making it a total fun game. The game lets you enjoy a huge fleet of Tanks.

When initially, I downloaded the game, I thought this game is similar to some popular games. But as I started to play it, I was completely convinced with its smooth gameplay and beautiful graphics. the game is in Top Charts on Play Store. You must try this game.

Extreme Balancer 3 – Android Mobile Game

Price: Free

Download Here

Extreme Balancer 3 is an addictive game which is developed by Enteriosoft. If you like balancing games then this is your kind of game. Just download and feel the addictiveness. The game has super smooth controls which are the most important part of this game. Its sounds and graphics are excellent. This is an offline game so you can play it anywhere even when your mobile is out of network.
The game’s idea is very simple as you balance the ball on a wooden bridge and that is right into the water. Then take the ball from some turns and some ups-downs to the boat. Every level presents a new challenge with some increased difficulty. The game is completely time-pass. If you are looking for a game which can be played in a short time then this is the game with short levels.

Street Chaser – A Top Performer On Play Store

Price: Free

Download Here

Street Chaser game is another runner game with some uniqueness. If you like runner games then try it once. The game is in Top Charts on Google Play Store so it gets important for me to cover it. 
The game is developed by iGold Technologies. They have developed some more great games. This is a level-based game where your friend is robbed by a robber. Your job is to catch the robber. In every level, you have to accomplish a few tasks like you have to catch the robber by throwing 3 bottles on it.

On the way, you have to avoid the obstacles and pick some objects like bottles and throw them at the robber. The game is fun to play as there are many streets crossing the main street where you can easily turn to get lost. You have to keep an eye as there are other gangsters who are ready to knock you down. They can appear from anywhere which can surprise you. 

If you like the idea then download and enjoy the game.

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