Train Simulator Uphill Drive-Tizen Mobile Game

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Train Simulator Uphill Drive is a beautiful game with gorgeous graphics. It’s a train simulator game in which you need to pick the passengers and drop them to their destinations.
On the journey just enjoy the beautiful scenery around the train but be careful there are some sharp turns on the way where you need to look for. It’s a game where you experience hills, desert and a city where you can enjoy your journey is to take off.
You can change the camera view as you like. Control the train speed so that you don’t mess up the scene. You can choose from 10 unique trains. You’ll experience the day/night based on the time in the game. Level up by earning XPs.

It is a great game where you’ll surely enjoy. Its a free game and if you haven’t downloaded it yet the download and play. And comment below to let others know about this game.

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