Ultimate Golf Game for Android iPhone

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Golf, a sport more commonly believed to be played by high-class people, has seen a steady but sure rise in interest in recent times. Naturally, golf games became more and more popular and now reached the mobile gaming market.

Ultimate Golf, although not the first online mobile golf game, has completely taken over as the best golf game available for the App Store and the Play Store. The strategy used by this game is to take into account the presently released mobile golf games and enhance the experience.

With the new and improved gameplay, graphics, controls and even various events, this game has become a fan favorite with over a million downloads.

Released on 12th June 2020, Ultimate Golf by Miniclip has a lot of potential and qualities to become one of the best sports mobile games.

Let’s see what the hype for this game is all about, shall we?


Ultimate Golf! is made by Miniclip, which has a lot of experience in making engaging and entertaining games, has taken the essence of mobile golfing and added its own twist to it.

Unlike usual golf games where you just have to adjust the power and direction to where you want to hit the ball, in Ultimate Golf you have to take into account the speed and direction of the wind, the terrain, distance and timing.

So basically once you enter the match, you get a bird’s eye view of the entire golf course and just like in a real-life golf game you have to first hit the ball as close to the hole, by adjusting the angle and direction of where you want to hit.

After the direction has been decided you have to slide the ball back into scope, once you do that a meter will pop on your screen with a needle swaying back and forth, you have to time the shot perfectly in order to hit the shot perfectly.

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Normally it’ll take a maximum of two hits to finish a course, and in order to be able to move on to the next course, you have to earn enough trophies by winning against other people online.

Ultimate Golf! provides the users with a variety of events and equipment to enhance the player’s experience. These events are constantly updated and each one of them different from the previous ones.

This game has different ranks, such as the amateur rank, pro rank, so on and so forth. You have to be of a certain rank before being eligible for certain events, making this game much more realistic.

This game is an absolute masterpiece when it comes to adding the realistic aspects of golfing into the game.

The Animation And Graphics

For those of you wondering about how good the game looks despite all of its features and gameplay, you needn’t worry because Ultimate Golf! is perhaps the best golf game I have played when it comes to how good the terrain and the animation feels and looks.

The most crucial aspect of bowling and golf games is to ensure that the feel of the game has to be as realistic as it can be. This game does an absolute job at it.

Different golf courses, different golf sticks, and various golf balls, all of them are beautiful in looks and well made. Even the special effects that were added after a win and perfect shots were very enjoyable to watch. It made the game even more engaging.

What’s amazing is the attention to detail Ultimate Golf! has put in to ensure the best experience possible for the players. All in all this game is just wonderful, and something everyone who’s interested in the experience.

In-App Purchases

Now, although Ultimate Golf! is a free multiplayer game that offers a lot of in-app purchases.

This makes the game quite expensive but enjoyable nonetheless, items such as golf sticks, earning game coins, buying different combo bags and many more stuff to improve your rank and gaming experience.

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Pros and Cons

Let’s quickly get into what is overall good and bad about this game.

Good Points

  • Unique gameplay experience that engages the audience thoroughly.
  • Amazing quality graphics and animation that try and replicate the actual experience of golfing as best as possible.
  • Different events to take part in and a competitive ranking system to keep the audience engaged.
  • Easy to understand and get used to User Interface.
  • There is a huge selection of equipment to choose from and each of them provides some kind of advantage.

Bad Points

  • Ultimate Golf! has a lot of in-app purchases, and the game is more money-focused instead of the actual game.
  • Lack of an offline practice mode to allow players to just play with them and enjoy the experience of the game without any rush or competition.
  • Although not that many, along with in-app purchases the game also promotes other games by Miniclip during gameplay.


Ultimate Golf! by Miniclip is one of the best free mobile games available on both the App Store and the Play Store. It is also is one of the best golf game experience one can ask for.

Although it has a few negative points which need to be fixed. Hopefully, they will be fixed as this game has only been out for a month so far.

This is one of the games that one has to definitely play to realize how well it’s made in terms of the graphics, animation, design, layout, everything about this game is quite enjoyable.

All in all, Ultimate Golf! can easily be considered one of the best multiplayer games and is definitely the best golf game for mobile.

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