Water Slide Rush-An Exciting Game For Tizen Mobiles

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Water Slide Rush game is developed by FreeTap Games. The developer has developed a lot of games on almost every platform. They have a quality collection of games. If we talk about the game, it is filled with fun and thrill. The game has a lot of characters and a lot of levels to enjoy. You will be amazed by the length of the slides. 

The Game

Water Slide Rush game is made to excite you and for your enjoyment. The character, in the game, slides through the curvy and lengthy slides. As the character slips through the slide, it speeds up. 

That creates excitement and you never know what is coming up. You have to escape from the deadly obstacle which will take your health down. You can hit those nasty obstacles for only three times. If you are at top speed then it becomes hard to escape from it.

You also get Coins, Speed-Up powers, Gems and more. Coins can be used to buy more characters. 

You have been provided a Break button which slows down the speed of the character. That is the best way to grab Gems, Coins on the way. If you find difficulty to dodge the Deadly obstacle then you can use this Break.

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But if you apply Break more often then it can be difficult for you to complete the game in 3  minutes. Every level is time-based. If you go slow then time will be up and the level is failed. So keep that in mind.

This game has three themes: Amusement Park, Snow World and Dinosaur Park. Each of them has a different environment and different slides. 

The best part of the game is, it doesn’t matter how fast are you going through. You never fall of the slide, whether you go to the edge of the slide or not. That lets you go fast as much as the game allows.

So the game idea is good and you can keep playing it for a long time.

Game Graphics

Game’s 3d graphics are quite impressive. The sky, clouds and all the surroundings are sufficiently detailed. I can’t say that this game’s graphics are intense or heavy but they are good enough for the game.

The animations are great in this game. As the character flows through the slides, it is very smooth. It doesn’t look odd when you play the game. But I guess, the water in the slides could be more animated. As it doesn’t feel that some character is flowing through the water because it doesn’t make any splash. Otherwise, the graphics and animations are great.

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How to Download

If you are interested to download this awesome game then you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. Just search for ‘Water Slide Rush‘ in the search box and download from the link.


So the game is fun to play. Its levels are not beyond 3 minutes which makes it perfect for casual gaming. You can play it when you have a short time. It’s entertaining and enjoyable. 

I hope you’d like the game. So download and enjoy.



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