Where to Find Hidden Weapon in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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Rock bottom isn’t always that bad, at least not for the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s gamers. The gamers have come across a new powerful weapon hidden all the way under the rocks, literally.

The secret Nodens’ Isu Arc bow unlocks for players who repeatedly hit a small pile of rocks near Brunson Turret. The location happened to be in Northumbria. In the lake to the north, there’s a small island, on there, the gamers will find the rock ore pile you need.

 JorRaptor, the Youtuber, takes the gamers through the steps that will lead them to the secret weapon. Don’t worry, it is verified by fellow gamers to be effective!

Here’s how the gamers can too hit the secret jackpot. Hit the rocks a few times. The gamers will notice it doesn’t break as others do. Save the game and reload it. Repeat till they log in to find the rock pile to be broken. Eventually, Nodens’ Arc Hunter Bow should pop up on the side of the screen.

Now, whether this is a bug or a hidden gem, it’s for the gamers to find out! But do it before the developers decide it to be a bug and try to fix it. Although, Ubisoft recently released a bug-fixing update. The game’s 1.1.1 update more about fixes, with dozens of common issues, solved.

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Among the long list of bugs, the one that stood out from the rest was gamers getting permanently stuck in their Halloween-esque Mari Lwyd disguise. This was a bug even after completing that quest arc which was honestly a mood killer. Ubisoft Connect achievements have also been fixed. It should correctly unlock the next time you perform any achievement-related action past the unlock condition.

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