Why Apple Shooting With Guns Is A Hit Game On Tizen Mobiles

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Apple Shooting With Guns is a fun game developed by FreeTap Games. The developer has developed few more games on Tizen Store. The game falls in Shooting and Arcade genre. One of the best shooting game on this platform, what I’ve observed so far. Maybe I’d find the more interesting game but this game is also great fun. If you find any more interesting game then please let me know. I’d love to know more.

The game is a shooting game where you target an apple. This game is definitely a time killer. You could easily spend your free time playing this game. Like to know more about this game? Read this article till the last to know something that probably you don’t know.

Car Transporter-Tizen Mobile Game

In the game, you have a truck where you load cars, trucks and more vehicles and transport them to the garage. There are lot of vehicles to unlock and drive them to the target destination. You can use your rewards to upgrade your truck to transport more vehicles.

It has some game modes which are fun to play. They enhance the entertainment factor. If you have ever played this game then you know it very well. 

The Game

The game’s idea is simple as you have to shoot the apple set on a character’s head or hands. You are given a target in every level like to shoot 4 apples in 6 shots. If you achieve that target in given shots then you can proceed to the next level. Which is not such a difficult task but some of the levels are really challenging.

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Apples move in some direction and you shoot them. But the good thing about this shooting game is that every apple has a circle around it which helps in targeting. One more thing is worth mentioning here and that is when you try to focus on the target then focus gets changed to red color. That is the indication of the correct target.

Truck Racing 3D Tizen Mobile Game

The game has nice graphics and excellent gameplay. Your truck skids as you go over the mud on the road. If you don’t control your truck quickly, you can hit something and that’d damage the truck.

There are lots of levels in the game. I played 15 levels in this game. After the first 10 levels which were unlocked initially, another 10 levels were unlocked. I hope it is en endless game as developers claim. But there are 5 guns to try in this game. That is the thing which I was expecting more.

The game has three modes to play. First one is Arcade Mode, the Second one is Classic Mode and the Third one is Time Attack. Arcade Mode is a simple level game where you complete the target and move on to the next level. Classic Mode is where you hit the apple from distance. The distance increases every time you hit the apple. The last one is Time Attack and in this mode, nothing changes but the time come into play. You have to hit the apple in the given time. If you fail, level restarts.

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Game Graphics

The game is a 3D game and its graphics are really impressive. Shooting and explosions of apples look very real. Apart from the animation part which is above satisfactory level, I’ve noticed its physics engine is great. Sounds and environment is also the winning factor. As the users have loved this game and its graphics as well.

How To Download

This amazing game can be downloaded on the Tizen Store but you have to do some manual stuff. Tizen Store doesn’t allow anyone to share the App/Game link directly from its store. 

Signup or Login with your Samsung account on Tizen Store and just search for ‘Apple Shooting With Guns‘ in the search box and download from the link. It’ll automatically be installed on your device.


Overall, Apple Shooting With Guns game has ample entertainment and fun in its gameplay. I’ve really liked it. Its implementation and its gameplay are just near to addictiveness. If you like shooting games then this is the real fun for you. Download and have fun with this game.

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