World Cricket Championship 2-Game For Tizen Mobiles

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Cricket fever has gripped all the cricket lovers. ICC World Cup is in its full force so we’ve brought you the best cricket game on the Tizen mobiles.

This game has the beautiful 3D graphics, animation, gameplay and everything else you’d imagine. I’m going to cover this game deeply as this is already my favorite cricket game.

The game offers you different cricket shots like Dil-Scoop, Upper-Cut and the famous Helicopter shot. The developers have stuffed the batsmen with 45 different shots to play. If you play the shot early or late, you can get out or get injured. 

So its good to practice in the nets before jumping into the game right away. That’ll help you a lot. You can customize your team’s jersey and player’s looks, also. Players’ hair, beard, complexion and much more are allowed to change in the game.

The animations are so great that you won’t miss them. Be it a third umpire signal, a replay of the shots, run-outs, or the celebrations, all the animations are a delight to watch.

You can choose stadiums from different locations. Game controls are intuitive to use. 40 Cameras have been used in the game to give a real feeling of a cricket match. If you are playing a Test match then you may feel the game to be fast for some time. Then you can set the game to Auto-play mode for 5-10 overs or entire inning.

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When it comes to the Bowling aspect then again you won’t be disappointed. You can choose different bowlers from Spin to Fast and Medium fast. They all have different bowling skills like Leg-spin, Off-Spin, Googly, Flipper, Yorker, and more.

Pitch plays a different game if you choose Dead, Dusty or Green. Fielding, catches and throws can surprise the opposition. There are 18 international teams and 10 domestic teams. Different cricket events like World Cup, WorldT20 Cup, Test Matches, Blitz Tournament, ODI Series and Hot Events, invites you to play daily.

There are more modes in the game like Gangs of Cricket and Challenge a Friend. You’ll like the other features also like a 3D wagon wheel, Ultra slow motion, 3D bar chart, Field options, and many more.

The commentary in the game is exceptional. You’ll love the professional commentary and ground sounds.

If you like cricket games then it is must to have on your mobile. You are surely going to love this game.



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