Zombie Survival Game DayZ Gets an Update

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With the delivery today of DayZ game update 1.11, everybody is beginning from the beginning. The OG zombie survival game got the most recent fix centers primarily around engine solidness upgrades. Yet it’s accompanied by a total worker and character movement wipe, which means it’s Day Zero in DayZ indeed.

zombie survival game gameplay

Engineer Bohemia Interactive says the 1.11 fix makes a heap of security upgrades to this zombie survival game. With fixes for zombie conduct, cultivation, ocean fishing, and vehicle connections, first of all. It likewise improves worker solidness and limit and has fixes for harm triggers. All stuff you hope to discover in a soundness fix, however, welcomes changes without a doubt.

In any case, there’s another piece of stuff you’ll need to be watching out for the time being that the update is here. It’s the SVAL rifle, which accompanies an incorporated silencer and takes 9x39mm ammo. You would now be able to discover the SVAL (which turns out to be the Czech word for ‘muscle’) close to helicopter crash destinations close to Chernarus. Livonia, alongside the new 20-round magazines for the 9x39mm. Those can likewise be utilized in the VSS, incidentally.

The flipside to all the increments the fix makes is the way that Bohemia has chosen to do an all-out worker wipe. The designer says this will give a “new beginning into 2021”. However, it will likewise better permit the studio to watch the updates it’s made to the DayZ economy.

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The total changelog can be found over at the DayZ discussions.

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